Soap Box Studios

Soapbox Studios is a recording/rehearsal studio located in Chicago. It’s owned by musicians Brendan and Farsheed, who run it like a co-op.  People don’t just rent the space. Members are encouraged to contribute to its vision. I met them a few years back when they were just starting out. (check out their band, Black Tie Elephant, they rock!)

Here’s what they say about me:   “A few years back during a slow growth period we setup a business consultation with Dennis. It was immensely helpful. In addition to improving our internal communication, his valuable insight allowed us to see our situation from a different perspective. Ultimately he challenged us to aim higher and encouraged us to take our business in a new direction. We are now pursuing some of the most creatively challenging and exciting projects to date.” – Farsheed Hamidi-Toosi, co-owner.

  Andrew Lukasiewicz owns Revolution Wellness, a massage therapy practice located in Brookfield, IL.  He  was looking to take on more employees and I helped him tackle some leadership decisions.
 Here’s what he said: “Working with Dennis has allowed me to discover my leadership direction for my business. His professionalism for pushing forward is only accented by his ability to incorporate humor. Dennis has helped me obtain a much clearer idea of what my goals are within my business as well as my personal life, and how the two relate. He has quickly become a much appreciated resource and I would recommend him to friends and strangers.”-Andy Lukasiewicz L.M.T

Bridgeport Film Club

Bridgeport Film Club is run by filmmaker and writer Lance Elliot Adams.  Lance’s goals are to run his own independent film company and he’s well on his way. I met him a couple of years ago and did a couple of improv shorts, some of which you can find on my page.

Here’s what he had to say: “I work a full time job to cover my expenses while I pursue my creative life. It can be difficult balancing work life with creative life. After talking with Dennis, it helped me gain insights that I didn’t have before. He helped me realize that I’m taking too much on and that I need help to pursue my creative goals. It’s been a full weekend of making creative work and after meeting with Dennis I feel energized going into the day job work week. I’ve found greater acceptance and appreciate where I am in my creative career.
Lance Eliot Adams, Filmmaker, Bridgeport Film Club

Gloria Bankler

Gloria is a writer, actor, and producer.  We’ve worked together on a pilot and have performed together as well. I have coached her on a few projects, including setting up  a workshop.

Here’s what she had to say: “Dennis Episcopo lives the phrase Follow the Fun. He has spent a great deal of time coaching me on various projects, always encouraging, playful and realistic about goals. One particular project  was an improv workshop I wanted to teach. I started with a vague idea (vague is generous) and Dennis asked just the right questions, helping me dig deeper into not only what I wanted to do, but what I was good at doing. He led me to a place where I was able to more clearly find the specifics of my project and begin work on shaping it. I can’t say enough about how much I love working with him. He’s a great guy, an inspiring coach, and an all-around talented guy, who is living what he teaches.”-Gloria Rabil Bankler, writer, actor, producer.

Geoffrey Shell

Geoff is an artist, composer, and musician. He’s also the CEO of Modal Media Group and the creator of Rad Universe, a website for all things 80’s and 90’s.  I coached him on his current project, a musical called Clara and The Beef about the woman from the Wendy’s commercial back in the 1980’s.

This is what he had to say: “Dennis is incredibly talented and very effective in his approach. He nailed every theme I was missing to move forward, right down to finding clarity. He kept me where I needed to be in the moment. He framed everything with so much consideration and always allowed me to come to the decisions and make up my mind myself. (Especially with calling some BS on wanting to delegate being music director and not admitting that I wanted to do it myself!) Truly from the bottom of my heart, it was a prolific experience that got me to a level of focus I’ve been needing.”- Geoff Shell,  Artist, Musician, and Creative Director.


John Abbott 

John Abbott is a photographer and veteran improviser in Chicago.  He also teaches improv courses and workshops across the country.  A few years back, I collaborated with him to help him bring his company I3: Individual Improv Intensive to life.

Here’s what he had to say:  “Dennis was the driving force for me to start workshops.  If it wasn’t for Dennis, I wouldn’t have formed I3, I wouldn’t have traveled around the country teaching, and I wouldn’t have the reputation that I have for teaching improv.”-John Abbott, photographer and owner of I3: Individual Improv Intensive.