Purpose Worksheet:   This worksheet is helpful for  starting a project or gaining clarity on a current project. It helps you by giving you a framework to articulate your project, discover what you value about the project, and clear up your vision by helping you define the purpose and meaning of your creative endeavor.

Fantastic 4 Worksheet:   Use this worksheet when you are stuck on a problem in your project and you want a quick way to solve it. Using 4 simple questions, it helps you focus on moving past the issue and back into flow.

Simple Project Organizer: This is a simple and fast way to get organized without having to learn any complicated software. Based off of Ken Wilbur’s integral theory, it fits your tasks into categories so that you can more easily prioritize your time.

The “What Did I Do” List : This sheet is a cousin of the classic “to do” list. Based off of positive psychology methods, it sets you up to feel accomplished and helps kick your brain into thinking about next steps.